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Following being totally inspired by George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, I decided the only way forward was to undertake my own small space that we could use as our home from home at the Goodwood Revival each year. Mindful of budget the ideal small space was a 1989 Elddis this is my project of choice. Photos will show progress from the original brown, beige & fake wood to the final result :)

I found one or two key pieces that were going to be my decor inspiration!

I started by painting EVERYTHING white... An off cut of worktop, a new sink and hob cheaply sourced from eBay and a tap found in the shed meant the kitchen could start taking shape. A retro Coca-cola sticker livens up the fridge.

The endless coats of white paint continued. the wooden panelled doors were reversed and painted pale green or red for the ones in the kitchen area. A cheap mirror was covered with 1970's Beano comics.

All white paint complete, curtains were made and hung. The kitchen dorrs were varnished and hung. The floor was a remenant of black & white checkerboard vinyl with a black carpet tile as a door mat.

It wil be our perfect home from home at the Goodwood Revival each year :)


The completed project was so much fun to do and I have loved using it for the past 6 years but recently I purchased another project caravan and have now renovated that one too!

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